2016 Will Bring Good News for Potential Homebuyers

Redfin: 5 housing predictions for next year

Next year isn’t predicted to bring any giant hoopla to set off the market. However, moderate growth is more sustainable, and better for buyers.

According to Redfin’s forecast for 2016, “Most economists agree that housing prices and sales will continue to grow in 2016, just at a slower pace. Call it a slowdown, but not bad news.”

The New Year doesn’t bring all good news, with some bad tossed in the mixed. Overall, Redfin said, “All things considered, we see a fairly uneventful housing market next year.”

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Sold in Oroville this week

Lets talk about the local real estate market. It seems that no matter where I go .. grocery store or Walmart I’m asked “how is real estate” …
I will start showing you all the properties sold each week in beautiful Oroville.

**click the link below to see PROPERTIES SOLD IN OROVILLE 11/10/2014 thru 11/17/2014**


The Truth about Winter Real Estate


Some call it the off-season for real estate, but successful agents know better. Winter is actually a great season to sell a home. If you aren’t telling potential clients about the winter real estate advantage – right now – then you will have an off-season this winter.

Numbers Don’t Lie – Winter Isn’t so Bad

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Lake Oroville

Owning vs Renting

Is renting cheaper?
This is not an inconsequential question. Whether renting or buying is more cost effective depends on your market, where you choose to live and whether you like to do home improvement and maintenance projects yourself.

Homes cost money: Appliances break, roofs leak, and if you own, you are the lucky soul who gets to pay the bill. If you are renting, landlords pay the plumber and roofer.

That is why many homeowners who have taken out a mortgage in order to buy do so in anticipation of the tax breaks that come with homeownership. Depending on your tax bracket, a first-time purchaser’s 1040 tax deductions can heavily subsidize many of the expenses you have poured into your new home.

Also, since a 30-year fixed mortgage comes with an amortization schedule with the highest interest payments coming in the first years of the loan repayment, mortgage holders have been able to claim deductions in the early stages of ownership.